Regular Meeting of the City Council May 3 2021

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Regular Meeting of the City Council May 3 2021


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Z-1 00:03:29

Public Hearing on Zoning Petition of Village at Robinhood, LLC (W-3460) from MU-S to GB-S (Motor Vehicle, Repair and Maintenance; Retail Store; Arts and Crafts Studio; Food or Drug Store; Furniture and Home Furnishings Store; Restaurant (Without Drive-Through Service); Banking and Financial Services; Offices; Services, A; Testing and Research Lab; Veterinary Services; Recreational Services, Indoor; Theater, Indoor; Child Care, Drop-In; Club or Lodge; Government Offices, Neighborhood Organization, or Post Office; Library, Public; Museum or Art Gallery; Police or Fire Station; School, Vocational or Professional; and Utilities): property is located on the southeast corner of Fleetwood Circle and Firedale Drive; – Containing approximately .75 acres located in the WEST WARD (Council Member Clark). [Planning Board recommends approval of petition.]

Z-2 00:07:10

Public Hearing on Zoning Petition of Carole L. Long and City of Winston-Salem (W-3461) from RS9 to RM18-S (Residential Building, Single-Family; Residential Building, Multifamily; Residential Building, Duplex; Residential Building, Twin Home; Residential Building, Townhouse; Life Care Community; and Planned Residential Development): property is located on the north side of Stafford Village Boulevard, across Stafford Place Boulevard; – Containing approximately 5.95 acres located in the SOUTH WARD (Council Member Larson). [Planning Board recommends approval of petition.]

Z-3 00:13:49

Public Hearing on Zoning Petition of City of Winston-Salem (W-3465) from Forsyth County MU-S to Winston-Salem MU-S: property is located at the western terminus of Cedarmere Drive; – Containing approximately 30.51 acres located in the WEST WARD (Council Member Clark). [Planning Board recommends approval of petition.]

Z-4 00:15:35

Public Hearing on Zoning Petition of Donald A. Joyce Revocable Trust, Michael A. Joyce, and Rachel Joyce Maxcy Heirs (W-3464) from RS9 and LB to GB-S (Convenience Store; Restaurant, (with drive-through service); Restaurant, (without drive-through service); Services, A; Offices; Retail Store; and Food or Drug Store) Two-Phase: property is located on the southwest corner of Union Cross Road and Sedge Garden Road; – Containing approximately 3.24 acres located in the EAST WARD (Council Member Scippio). [Planning Board recommends denial of petition.]

Z-5 00:17:18

Public Hearing on Ordinance Amending Various Sections Of The Unified Development Ordinances To Align With The General Assembly’s Combination Of Chapters 153A And 160A Into Chapter 160D For Local Planning And Development Regulation (UDO-CC10). (Recommended by Community Development/Housing/General Government Committee)

Z-6 00:25:17

Public Hearing On A Petition For The Voluntary Annexation Of Approximately 81.06 Acres Located On The Western Side Of Union Cross Road And Containing Axle Drive And Notice To All Persons Interested In The Annexation Thereof (Southeast Ward) – Petition of The City of Winston-Salem.

Z-7 00:26:55

Public Hearing on Resolution Approving Financial Assistance to Project Health Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 158-7.1 - $264,592. (Recommended by Finance Committee)

Z-8 00:29:14

Public Hearing on Ordinance to Name a Street or Road in Winston-Salem - Unnamed Road Off The 400 Block Of West Twenty-Seventh Street To Farmers Market Way. (Recommended by Public Works Committee)

Z-9 00:30:26

Public Hearing on Ordinance To Name A Street Or Road In Winston-Salem - Unnamed Road Off Of The 400 Block Of Deacon Blvd Extending To The 2700 Block Of Shorefair Drive As Fairgrounds Blvd. (Recommended by Public Works Committee)

Z-10 00:31:33

Mayor Joines' Recommendation for Reappointment to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. (County Appointment)

Z-11 00:33:07

Closed Session


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